Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Complicity poses

I've spent way too long on these....I think this was the second pose pack that I started....Yeah, I'm just finishing it now.
I'm proud to present....The complicity pose pack! Mainly named this after the name of the picture that I have for the first pose <3 I hope you enjoy!

 female- a_complicity1
 male- a_complicity2

 female- a_complicity3
 male- a_complicity4

 female- a_complicity5
 male- a_complicity6

 female- a_complicity7
 male- a_complicity8
female- a_complicity9
 male- a_complicity10


  1. These are great! I will for sure be using these.

  2. Muito perfeito. :D/Very perfect! :D

  3. GREAT JOB girl! I really love these! I'm trying to make poses as well as you, but I don't think I'll ever quite get there. :p Keep it up!

  4. These are great, especially the laying down couple! Thank you! :)