Monday, July 9, 2012

Blender pregnancy rig

Okay, I get NO credit for this. I simply saved the rig file and uploaded it. The entire thing was done by Becks Best. She figured out the outfit that came from Tomislaw. I hope you blender users like this because it took Becks over 2 days to figure it out. CLAPS TO HER!


  1. Two days of endless googling -_- it's a good thing tomo replies to his messages! If you don't mind I'm going to put this on my tumblr for that crowd. I will credit you for actually uploading the rig!!
    You are awesome :)
    ~Amiee/ Becks Best :)

    1. I frustrated myself last night trying to find the belly outfit XD I applaud you for figuring it out!
      Go ahead ^_^
      You're awesomer

  2. OMGOWSH this is amazing! Thank you's both!!