Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 Group poses!

I know, I know...They aren't exactly perfect and everything...But this is what I came up with for 2 requests that I had on facebook.
I'm trying really hard to get better at group poses but they really are hard as crap.
And today, my pictures are by the lovely Anna <3 Thank you so much for helping an overwhelmed me :)

Pose set 1:
Heron: a_doylgirl_1
Lucian: a_doylegirl_2
Sparrow: a_doylegirl_3
Bluejay: a_doylegirl_4

Pose set 2:
Mock: a_doylegirl_5
Blue: a_doylegirl_6
Heron: a_doylegirl_7
Sparrow: a_doylegirl_8
Lucian: a doylegirl_9

You can find Anna's blog right here >>>>> Anna's blog <<<<<

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