Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taken pose pack

My next pose pack is called...Dum dum dum. The taken pose pack. It's almost like the biggest pack I've created yet with 4 couple poses. It looks as though the male sim is kidnapping the female and such.

 I would like to add as well that all my poses do work for the list and should show up. If they don't, please contact me at :)

My models today are Ms. Ande Langly and a random sim that I got from Starlight shores XD Her hair is Holic by Newsea :) ON TO THE POSES.

female: a_taken1 
Male: a_taken2

Female: a_taken3 
Male: a_taken4

Female: a_taken5 
Male: a_taken6 

Female: a_taken7 
Male: a_taken8

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cute couple

I have 3 new couple poses for all you pose monkeys.
These were by request from Anna Sims. I'm proud of one and two but three isn't really working for me. Though I hope you enjoy it.

Della and Adam are doing some more modeling for me today.


Female: a_cute_couple1
Male: a_cute_couple2
Female: a_cute_couple3
Male: a_cute_couple4

Female: a_cute_couple5
Male: a_cute_couple6

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Under arrest + Lucian style poses ;D

This one I made for my blog XD It was a quick job but they still look really cool!
I also did a little bit of a fangirl thing for Lucian.

Ehehehe I just love Lucian.
He, by the way, belongs to Anna XD

I, have personally been looking for poses that look like the sims are being arrested so if you need something like this...Then press the big download button XD

Person being arrested: a_under_arrest1
Cop: a_under_arrest2
Female: a_under_arrest3
Lucian: a_under_arrest_lucian_style

Silly kiss pose pack

Okay, so this is probably my favorite so far of all the 15 poses that I've ever made. Just the expression on her face and how perfectly he is wrapped around her...Eeek

Requested by Anna sims XD

Della and Adam are once again serving as my models. And how cute they are with their little lovey doveyness...Okay so now I'm rambling...anyway...the pose!

 Female: a_silly_kiss1
Male: a_silly_kiss2

Download here: Mediafire

Surprise kiss pose pack

This pose was made on request of Dawn Turner. It took about 2 days to do but it turned out alright for my very first couple pose.

The sims in the picture are Della and Adam from my blog "Journey to 100." They like to model my couple poses so you'll see them a lot.

 I'm not exactly sure where the clothes and hair came from but I'll work on posting links, if I can.

Female: a_surprised1
Male: a_surprised2

Welcome to poses galore!

Before I begin posting, I would like to take a minute to thank a few people that helped me start making poses :)
 First off, the guy that inspired me to start...Dylan Simse. If it wasn't for your livestream that night, I would have never begun making poses and now its one of my favorite things to do :3 Thank you!

Angie (Friendlie Llama) Thank you for helping me work the blender plug ins XD I was utterly hopeless that night when you showed me how to do it. Then I went on to show other people how to do thank you XD

Anna Sims and Dawn Turner for requesting some of my best work :) You guys are great.

And last but not least...My dad (Papa Gary) For giving me the time to play on my computer so that I could dabble with this stuff <3 Thanks guys!