Sunday, October 28, 2012


Comfort pose pack was requested on my request page and I just now got it finished and put up! I only did two of the pictures that I was given due to how much time I had to put this together. I will probably have another long gap before my next pack is released so I'm glad to have this out today <3

  • On the pose list, should be under Comfort
  • Shouldn't have to use OMSP or ALT, I've tested them and they go together fine
  • Please don't claim as your own and enjoy your Doylegirl creation ^_^ 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cuddly toddler

Cuddly toddler! A brand new pose back by  Doylegirl <3
I took far too long with this and it’s way overdue but I did my best with them. They are all included on the poselist and you might have to use ALT to fit them together the way they’re supposed to fit. I  hope you enjoy these <3 I know I do!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cuddle time

A toddler cuddling a dog ^_^
  • Is on the pose list
  • No need for ALT
  • Made by me, no takesies
  • Enjoy!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friendship poses

Okay, I got them out a little later than I would have liked but here are my new poses. I haven’t done very many in August and that’s because of school and all that crap. But here is my first September pose pack. I’m hoping it will be one of many.
I think these poses are adorable but the heart one is not my favorite. I will probably rework it later on.
  • All work with the list
  • I didn’t have to use ALT for any of these, you might not have to either. Unless they don’t snap together
  • These 7 poses were all made by me and any credit should go to me.
  • My best friends’ simselves helped out with my modeling, as well as my own simself.
I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding bliss

New wedding bliss pose pack is now up for download! I’m very happy with how these turned out and all you’ll need for these poses to look like mine is this flower bouquet which you can download here »> Click me «<
  • All four poses are on the pose list. Under the name “Wedding Bliss”
  • I have a few more wedding poses that I’d like to do as well. This might as well be called “Part one!”
All of these poses were made by me. No one helped me at all with these so the credit goes to me. Please don’t reupload. :) I love all you guys and I hope that you like these poses!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Family photo poses

I recently got a request over facebook for some nice family photoshoot pictures. That's how these were created. 
  • All 16 poses are on the pose list. (That sure took a long time)
  • These poses should snap together pretty well, if not, ALT is always advised
  • I admit that I was at a loss of ideas for a pose pack for my 250 milestone but a facebook follower helped me out with that. Which means these were also a REQUEST
  • Each pose was made by me. Please don’t re-upload for you own gain.
PLEASE Enjoy these poses. They really did take a lot of time to get out and even though I haven’t slept in over 40 hours now, I really did enjoy doing these…Hope you do as well.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here we go, week one of August on You and I poses is up. I call this Simplicity because...Well, I liked the name.
I really love these poses for the way that they're just so cute and absolutely adorable. :D

  • They all work with the pose list
  • You may need to use ALT to get them aligned
  • All of these poses were made by me. Please don't reupload them because they belong to me and I spent a lot of time working on these.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 So, as a request on my business partner (Casey) and I's facebook page, I created some toddler playground well as a toddler pushing around a stroller with his/her mommy. Just a reminder...I did use the stroller from generations as well as the seesaw....So, if you don't have that...these poses won't have anything to pose on.

parent- a_dg_playtime1
Child- a_dg_playtime2

parent- a_dg_playtime3
Child- a_dg_playtime4

parent- a_dg_playtime5
Child- a_dg_playtime6

parent- a_dg_playtime7
Child- a_dg_playtime8

A mothers life part 2

 I was planning on putting this one out with the first mothers life pose but I really didn't have the time to do all the tweaking that I did last night. I hope you enjoy this and may your toddlers always bring you havoic ^_^


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Complicity poses

I've spent way too long on these....I think this was the second pose pack that I started....Yeah, I'm just finishing it now.
I'm proud to present....The complicity pose pack! Mainly named this after the name of the picture that I have for the first pose <3 I hope you enjoy!

 female- a_complicity1
 male- a_complicity2

 female- a_complicity3
 male- a_complicity4

 female- a_complicity5
 male- a_complicity6

 female- a_complicity7
 male- a_complicity8
female- a_complicity9
 male- a_complicity10

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First horse pose

So, I made my very first horse pose last night...I really like this for my first one <3 It's a facebook request so I hope I did okay <3


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bebe poses

So, most of these were requested by Sara Rose. I had fun making these and it really didn't take long. And like Sara said, they pretty much describe the life of a toddler <3 Hope you enjoy!

They are on the list and ready to go

 This pack consists of 10 poses all together. One individual pose and three triple rigged poses <3

Mother- a_dg_elody1
Child on back- a_dg_elody2
Child on stomach- a_dg_elody3

Child 1- a_dg_elody4
Child 2- a_dg_elody5
Mother- a_dg_elody6


father- a_dg_elody8
child- a_dg_elody9
mother- a_dg_elody10

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Child ballet

These poses were requested over facebook and I know they aren't exactly perfect but I did try my best. This seems to be the same thing I'm saying over every post....

But here they are