Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding bliss

New wedding bliss pose pack is now up for download! I’m very happy with how these turned out and all you’ll need for these poses to look like mine is this flower bouquet which you can download here »> Click me «<
  • All four poses are on the pose list. Under the name “Wedding Bliss”
  • I have a few more wedding poses that I’d like to do as well. This might as well be called “Part one!”
All of these poses were made by me. No one helped me at all with these so the credit goes to me. Please don’t reupload. :) I love all you guys and I hope that you like these poses!


  1. Awesome!! These are really great.

  2. Love them! Thanks so much!

  3. thanks for sharing! They look great

  4. Where did you get the wedding dress? Beautiful! :D

  5. Love them... Maybe if Jessica ever gets married I will use them ;)